Seniors Can Significantly Improve Their Lives Through Singing

It has long since been known, thanks to a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine, that seniors can significantly benefit from music therapy. The study showed that music therapy was remarkably powerful in treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as well as reduce anxiety and improve mood.

A new study by researchers at George Washington University (GWU) in Washington DC took these initial findings even further and looked at how performing music (in particular, singing regularly) could further capitalize on the already amazing benefits of general music therapy. The GWU study found that singing improved upon benefits enjoyed from music therapy, and added some additional elements, such as improved enunciation and voice projection during oral communication.


Incorporating Singing into Our Senior Care Bethlehem PA services at Always Best Care

Here at Always Best Care, we are committed to equipping seniors to live their best lives possible. As such, we have used the findings of this latest study to guide our decision to include singing sessions as a part of our non-medical in home care Bethlehem PA and assisted living Bethlehem PA senior companion care services. Seniors using this option can expect to enjoy the following benefits:


  1. Fun and fellowship

Getting older is not synonymous with a lack of vitality or enjoyment. As such seniors can enjoy group singing activities, through which they can socialize with their peers as well as enjoy all the benefits to be had from singing.


  1. Feeling better

Increased feelings of emotional wellness, is a common benefit that seniors report experiencing after completing singing therapy sessions. These increased feelings of well-being spill over into other areas of seniors’ life, helping them to better manage their lives with confidence as they age.


  1. Being physically healthier

Seniors who engage in singing therapy will not only feel better emotionally and mentally but will also enjoy better physical health, as their posture, breathing, and eyesight, are all likely to improve. The combined improvement their physical and mental state is also likely to result in fewer trips to the hospital.


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