Hiking in Pennsylvania is a Great Exercise Opportunity for Seniors

There is truth to the saying that the best place in the world to be, is in the woods of PA in Autumn. Hiking is a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous weather and color that fall provides to those fortunate enough to live in the Bethlehem PA area, Safety must be considered, but concerns for safety should not stop you from getting your senior loved one out and about to enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of a pleasant hike. Hiking is both safe and effective when it’s done right. For example, consider hiring a companion caregiver who provides senior care Bethlehem PA services as a caregiver can provide the encouragement and offer the benefit of safely hiking with someone else.

Always Best Care’s elderly care Bethlehem PA services allow you or the senior you care about to participate in enjoyable activities like hiking, that can deliver such benefits as a reduced risk of heart issues, better overall fitness, and a better night’s rest due to the gentle exercise a quiet walk can provide.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Seniors that get outdoors for 4+ hours weekly to walk are proven to be healthier and often happier than those who do not. Autumn is the ideal time to hike in PA, as the weather is generally cooler, but still pleasant, and the changing color of the fall foliage is good for the spirit.

For health benefits, it has been shown that walking increases physical function score exams by up to 25%, can decrease disability risk by 41% and increase aerobic capacity, which can benefit the senior body overall.

According to the American Heart Association, hiking can offer the following benefits:

It reduces heart disease risk
It improves blood sugars
Improves blood lipid profiles
Assists in combatting obesity
Reduces risks of breast cancer
Lowers the risk of colon cancer
Diminishes the chances of osteoporosis and
Helps combat diabetes.

Hiking is not only enjoyable for the mental stimulation it provides, but it also offers a wonderful way to enjoy better health overall.

Safety Tips

Of course, a senior must consider his or her physical condition before heading out on any hike. Along with their Always Best Care companion, providing the in home care Bethlehem PA seniors so often count on, a person of any age can be safe when hiking when precautions are taken and the hiker’s health and abilities considered. Follow these tips to ensure a safe hike:

-Be sure to remain hydrated and carry extra water along.
-Don’t forget to put on appropriate footwear to keep the risk of slipping down, and prevent blisters from a longer walk.
-Wear a good sun protecting lotion and clothing that is appropriate for the weather.
-Hike during the cooler time of the day, such as early in the morning, or early evening.
-Carry a cell phone and try to avoid areas where you will be out of range.

Awesome Elderly Care Bethlehem PA Companion Care Options

Bethlehem PA residents have access to the best senior services in the area, provided by Vanessa Taylor and her Always Best Care team. Vanessa can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (484) 896-8867. She will be happy to talk with you about your senior loved one’s needs for in home care, or refer you to the best assisted living Bethlehem PA residents have available if needed. Your senior relative deserves the chance to continue enjoying a great quality of life, including the opportunity to get outside and enjoy all that PA has to offer in the fall. To ensure that he or she can safely do so, give Vanessa and her team of professional caregivers a call today.

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