Helping your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning in Bethlehem

Helping elderly loved ones spring clean their home can be a rewarding experience.  Older people often find that their houses become cluttered, which can lead to tri- hazards and other risks for injury.

A big tidy-up of a senior’s home allows him or her to be better organized and makes sure that the items that are used every day are much easier to find.  If there is a need in the future to move your loved one to an assisted living facility, then keeping the home clutter-free will make this process much simpler.

If your relative is receiving in-home care in Bethlehem, then it’s a good idea to involve his or her Caregiver in the clean up process as well.  At Always Best Care, Caregivers are specially selected to look after seniors and can help to determine which items mean the most to them and persuade them to let go of other things.

Start Out with a Plan

Make sure you have a plan with a clearly defined goal of what all you’d like to achieve.  Consider breaking the overall objective into smaller tasks.  Your loved one will be able to help much more easily with smaller tasks, and being asked to make decisions room by room will prevent him or her from becoming overwhelmed.

Be Understanding

We often cannot tell the sentimental reasons for which other people keep certain items.  Don’t throw things in the trash without asking your loved one first.  Quite often, things have an interesting story behind them; take the time to find out what that is.

Remember the objective of the spring cleaning, though.  If it helps, mention that donating things that aren’t used is the right thing to do.  You can also suggest that items be looked after by other relatives.  The items will still be accessible, and you’ll be making your loved one’s home tidier and safer.

Stay Safe

Your loved one should be involved in the process, but be aware of his or her limitations.  Moving clutter about can reveal otherwise unseen hazards, and accidents can happen.

If things have remained untouched for many years, then moving them suddenly could dislodge collections of dust.  If you or your loved one suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, then a facemask may be necessary.

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