Healthy Sleep Habits for Seniors

Rich in history and sprinkled with 39 lovely parks, Bethlehem, PA is a place that many seniors call home. This area has a lot to offer the elderly population; however, those who do not get enough sleep with miss out on the best quality of life here. To have an optimum quality of life and be physically and mentally healthy, we all need to ensure that we get the proper amount of restful sleep.

Symptoms of altered sleep and sleep deprivation in seniors can include:

  • Confusion
  • Getting ill often
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Decreased emotional well-being
  • An increase in falls, lack of balance, increased unsteadiness
  • Being more irritable than usual


If these symptoms sound familiar to you, it’s time to talk to your senior and engage the services of an Always Best Care provider for tips to allow your loved one to get much better sleep.


Beginning a Bedtime Routine

If your senior does not already have a bedtime routine in place, creating one may help. Doing the same things at around the same time every night can help our bodies get ready for sleep and relaxation, no matter how old we are. Reading, listening to music, journaling, personal hygiene, grooming tasks, and even a warm bath are all ideal tasks for a bedtime routine.


Skip the Afternoon Nap

For some people, an afternoon nap may seem like the perfect way to catch up on the sleep they lose at night. On the contrary, afternoon sleep can take away from night time sleep. If your senior friend or family member currently takes an afternoon nap, encourage them to stop taking one or to reduce its time in order to promote better nighttime sleep. If he or she cannot give up the nap, move it to an earlier time and reduce the amount of time spent napping to help ensure nighttime sleep isn’t affected in a negative way.


Senior Care Bethlehem PA Residents Rely On

For the in home care Bethlehem PA residents and their families rely on, you can turn to Always Best Care. Our professional team aims to meet all of your senior’s needs. From hobbies, pet care, and exercise, to social outings, medical appointments, shopping at the Westgate Mall, and cooking, we are here to help. We will create a personalized care plan for your senior friend or family member. Our professional and compassionate staff make us the best option in elderly care Bethlehem PA has to offer.

For trustworthy assisted living Bethlehem PA seniors look no further than Always Best Care. To schedule a free care consultation or simply have your questions answered, give Vanessa Taylor a call today at 484-413-1478 or email [email protected].

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