7 Tips to Successfully Plan Vacations for Seniors

As medical care and technology continue to advance, people are able to live longer, more active lives well into their senior years. Vacations, in particular, are a wonderful way for seniors to unwind, have fun, and do more than just sitting around the home, bored and under-stimulated. We share some of our best tips from our companionship caregivers at Always Best Care where the senior care Bethlehem PA residents rely on are designed to help you plan a seamless and enjoyable vacation for your loved ones.


Ensure that mobility alternatives are present

Difficulty getting around without the help of walkers and wheelchairs is a daily reality for many seniors. It is crucial to ensure that options to facilitate these realities are available for the duration of the vacation.

Insist on safety and other helpful features when booking accommodation

Vacation accommodation should include safety features (such as bathrooms having handrails) and other special amenities that help to make your senior loved ones more comfortable, happier and safer during the vacation.

Keep them abreast of plans

It is important that seniors are kept updated on the plans regarding the vacation from the beginning. This will help them feel a part of the process, as well as get them excited about what is to come.

Pack only what is necessary

It’s essential that the luggage of seniors is double checked before they head off on vacation. This will ensure that neither too many, nor too few, items are packed, or that important items like medications or eyeglasses are not left behind.bethlehem elder care

Ensure medication is packed and/or available/accessible while on vacation

Medication is a daily part of many seniors’ life for the maintenance of vitality and good health. Medication that is needed should be brought on vacation, or be otherwise accessible during the course of the trip. Bring a couple extra days’ worth, just in case of delays.

Pack appropriate clothing

Vacation clothing for seniors will depend on several factors, such as the time of year (winter versus summer for example), or the kinds of activities planned (formal dinners versus hiking, for example).

Make it clear who pays for what

There should be no room for confusion as far as funding the vacation is concerned. All stakeholders, namely seniors and participating family members, ought to decide who will be paying for various aspects of the vacation, and how much.


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