Why Assisted Living is More Than Just Senior Care?

When it comes to Assisted Living, most people believe it to be a place where older adults (who are too sick or too old) go to get care in their retirement years. However, Assisted Living is much more than just senior care. How? Well, take a look.

An opportunity to socialize – At Assisted Living, seniors get many opportunities to meet other residents and mingle. During meals, activities, or games, residents have plenty of chances to meet others and socialize. They can share their life experiences with others, who may have similar stories to share, since they all are from the same era.

Plenty of chances to go out – Older adults get to visit new places, sports events etc., as the community organizes trips. Such trips and tours can boost seniors’ mood and have a positive effect on them.

Take your pets with you – When you hear Assisted Living, your mind comes up with the picture of a nursing home. But, it’s far from the truth. Many communities allow their residents to keep their pets with them unlike nursing homes. Having pets can do wonders for seniors’ mental and physical health. They may get assistance in pet care too at the community.

Proper and supervised nutrition – Residents get healthy meals at communities, depending on their health and medical condition. They get all the necessary nutrients.

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