Ways to Prevent Diabetes in Older Adults

Is your loved one suffering from diabetes? Are you finding it difficult to provide them the necessary care and support? Well, as people grow old, it is common for them to suffer from diabetes, especially type 2. It is usually diagnosed later in life but can be prevented with just a few lifestyle changes. So, if you have a senior family member at home who is at a greater risk of diabetes, here are a few things you can do to help them.

  • Change in eating habits – These days, most of the seniors rely on processed and junk food items. This leads to weight gain which increases the risk of diabetes in seniors. So, it is important for your aging loved one to eat a healthy and nutritious diet for an overall good health. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet and encourage them to eat whole grain food items such as oats, brown rice, whole wheat and more.
  • Add more physical activity to their daily routine – Exercise is very important for the older adults to stay both physically as well as mentally fit and active. So, you must encourage your aging loved one to exercise regularly. Low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga and more are best for seniors. Following a regular exercise routine will not only improve your senior family member’s physical health but also reduce the risk of diabetes. So, you can encourage your aging parent to join a senior fitness club or an exercise program where they will also get a chance to engage and socialize with people of same age and interest.
  • Regular doctor visit – Make sure to visit the doctor regularly to stay up to date with your loved one’s health. The doctor may prescribe some medicines and you need to ensure that your senior family member takes those medicines religiously.

If your aging loved one lives alone, you can hire a professional caregiver to ensure their safety. However, if you think they need more care and support that they cannot get at home, consider moving them to a good assisted living facility. Here, they will get the right level of care, safety, meals, medication management and services like social engagement opportunities, etc.

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