Traveling with Senior This Holiday Season? Tips for Safe Journey

Many families and older adults travel in holidays for family get-togethers and events. But, traveling with a senior may not be that easy, especially if they have a medical condition. Their declining health may create complications for traveling.

If you are planning to travel with your aging loved one this holiday season, then here are some tips to ensure a safe journey.

  • Make sure to plan everything in advance. It will help you pay attention to every little detail and reduce the risk of mistakes. And when planning, keep senior’s health, medical conditions and mobility in mind.
  • If possible, arrange a non-stop flight to reduce hassle for senior.
  • Ask for assistance at the airport for your aging loved one. Proper assistance will make the travel easier for them. They may also get eased security restrictions at the airport.
  • Before traveling, get senior’s medication and vaccination in order. Make sure they have received vaccine shots for different infections and diseases. Consult with their physician and get enough medicine to last the trip. It’s advised to take extra meds. With this, you will be prepared if the flights are delayed and you have to stay longer.
  • Be prepared for any kind of medical emergency. You should have proper meds, equipment or documentation to help your aging loved one in case an emergency arises.
  • Make sure you know the warning signs of a medical emergency, associated with senior’s health and medical conditions. Know the signs indicating that your aging loved one is not feeling well.

And, if your aging loved one suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, then consult with their memory care specialists first. Get a clearance from their physician and follow their instructions religiously.

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