Spiritual Activities for Seniors Living with Alzheimer’s

Spirituality is beyond what humans see or perceive. It isn’t an easy term to define as everyone thinks of it in a different way. According to studies, spiritual and religious activities for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia can influence their sense of well-being. These activities may include attending religious events, praying or singing together, creating a shrine, and many others.

Here are some more spiritual activities for seniors living with Alzheimer’s:

1. Devotional Songs: Many older adults usually have memories of devotional songs they sang as children or when they young. Playing these religious songs from their era ensures their spiritual well-being.

2. Story-Telling: Story-telling builds positive bond families. Show a nice picture to the senior family member and encourage them to make up a story about it. You may use pictures from calendars or old magazines. This will be fun for them.

3. Nature Connected Spiritual Care: Take your senior family member to:

• Visit farm animals
• Pet infant animals
• Listen & watch birds outdoors
• Watch the stars under the night sky
• Watch sun rise and sun set
• Visit the shore to watch and listen to the waves

4. Retrieval of Happy Memories: Thinking about positive memories encourages the seniors to resort to long term memory that can still be easily remembered. Use props such as: photos, gifts, music, etc.

5. Organize Fun Activities: Host special events and invite their friends. Encourage everyone to volunteer with some of your activities. Such activities will add a different flavor to their life.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s may need extra care and support from family members. But, if you are unable to fulfill their needs, it is always wise to move them to an Assisted Living facility. Contact Always Best Care for the best Assisted Living Placement services in Columbus. Call at (614) 284-6764!