Optimizing Dementia Care with Senior Care Services

Optimizing Dementia Care with Senior Care Services

As North Columbus’ senior population booms, so too does the prevalence of dementia that informal caregivers struggle to deal with.

Today’s post highlights 9 actions ABC North Columbus takes to ensure their senior care services optimize quality of life, independence, and integrity for dementia sufferers in North Columbus.

How Senior Care Services Improve Quality of Life for Dementia Sufferers

ABC North Columbus’s senior care services are informed by the Department of Health Services

In the words of the Department of Health Services, these Guiding Principles “represent the fundamental values associated with a high quality, dementia-capable system of care for people living with dementia,” and are meant to create “a foundation for professional practice and guidance for those living with or caring for a person living with dementia.”

Accordingly, our senior care services emphasize the following Guiding Principles:

  • Personal liberties. Seniors living with dementia deserve top-tier care that places the least amount of restrictions on their personal liberties. This is done to maintain integrity, promote independence, and maximize quality of life.
  • Community awareness. In line with the Department of Health Services, ABC North Columbus believes that dementia-related education, guidance, and resources should be easily accessible to caregivers, clients, and their loved ones.
  • Early detection and diagnosis. All seniors deserve early access to screening, assessment, diagnosis, and referral to health services, which ABC North Columbus makes possible with 24-hour senior care services.
  • Independence and choice. Seniors deserves the highest degree of independence and choice possible, which means including them in the research and decision-making processes, and customizing care programs to the individual.
  • Individual care and service. People living with dementia deserve senior care services that are designed around their unique preferences, cultures, and values, which is why ABC North Columbus’s continuum of care is customized to every client.
  • Meaningful activities. People living with dementia deserve the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities, which ABC North Columbus supports via companionship care workers who can escort your loved one to social gatherings, events, and more.
  • Coordinated systems. Caregivers and healthcare professionals have to work as a team to provide top-tier dementia care. Always Best Care North Columbus helps bridge the gap between professional services and primary care in the home by accompanying seniors to appointments, monitoring their compliance with meal plans, medication, and treatments, and reporting back to health care professionals.
  • Education and training. The Department of Health Services emphasizes the need for top-tier training and support for dementia care workers. At Always Best Care North Columbus, our caregivers are highly trained, as well as thoroughly screened, bonded, and insured to provide the safest and highest level of care for your loved one in Westerville.
  • Healthy environmental and living space. Seniors with dementia should live in safe, clean and comfortable environments that promote their mental wellness. ABC North Columbus optimizes the living space both through housekeeping and through referral to high-quality assisted living centers.

Find Senior Care Services in North Columbus

ABC North Columbus representatives are standing by to assess your loved one’s care needs.

Call 614-334-3086 or use our online contact form to book a free consultation to learn more about our in-home senior care services. Alternately, you can take advantage of our free referral service to help find assisted living solutions in North Columbus.

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