Myths about Life in an Assisted Living Facility

Is your senior loved one’s health declining? If so, it may be the right time to consider moving them to an Assisted Living community. Sadly, the fact is that it can be challenging to convince seniors that it’s time to move as they often have a number of misconceptions about these communities. Therefore, it is important to have a clear image of the lifestyle in an Assisted Living community to show seniors how they can have a better life there.

Some of the most common misconceptions about these Assisted Living communities include:

Myth 1 – An Assisted Living community is for the people who are unwell and dependant on others.

Most seniors think that Assisted Living is for weak old people who cannot live on their own. However, these communities are designed to promote seniors’ well-being, allowing them to be more vibrant and active. Many times, seniors move to these communities to enjoy a better quality of life while getting the right level of care and support.

Myth 2 – People say residents sit around the entire day doing nothing.

Assisted living communities have always given importance to socialization for senior health by helping aging adults maintain cognitive function and lowering their risk of depression. They organize several activities to keep them engaged, promote socialization and active living. Banish those thoughts of old nursing homes.

Myth 3 – Assisted living communities don’t have an atmosphere like home.

This is not the case as many communities allow their residents to personalize their space or apartment and make it feel more like they are home. They often can decorate their personal space with artwork, photos and much more.

Myth 4 – People consider living in a community is too expensive.

Financial aspects of living in an Assisted Living community are a major concern for seniors. They think all the costs add up too quickly and result in a lot of extra burden on their families. But, in actuality, it may often be more affordable option than in-home care. Seniors receiving care at home may require many expensive home modifications such as additional fire alarm, medical alert system, lighting systems, repairs, stair climbers, remodeling of bathrooms and much more

In short, Assisted Living is an ideal housing arrangement for seniors who aren’t able to receive the required level of care at home. To find the best Assisted Living community in Central Ohio, call us at: (614) 284-6764.