Independent Living Vs. Assisted Living In Central Ohio

Independent Living Vs. Assisted Living In Central Ohio

You have options when it comes to senior care in Central Ohio, and these include independent living and assisted living communities, but what’s the difference?

What Are Independent Living And Assisted Living Communities?

Independent living and assisted living are types of senior living available in senior living communities in Central Ohio. The terms sound similar, but there are key differences. If you’re looking into your senior living options, for yourself or an elderly loved one, it’s crucial to make the best decision possible for your needs and wants. Always Best Care of North Columbus offers assisted living placement consultations to help you make the best decision for you.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living communities are senior care facilities where the staff does not provide care directly to the residents. These facilities are also called retirement homes. These are convenient places for high-functioning seniors to live. They can manage their own lives much as they would if they were living in their own private Central Ohio homes.

Independent living communities allow seniors to foster rich and happy social lives. It’s also convenient. The staff there attends to maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning. Sometimes this even includes cleaning residents’ private units. Often, these communities have communal dining halls where meals can be purchased. They do not, however, have staff who provide personal care to the residents. If you or an elderly loved one live in an independent living community and would like to receive personal care, Always Best Care of North Columbus can provide caregivers who can deliver the care you need.

What Is Assisted Living?

The staff at an assisted living does provide care to their residents. Assisted living provides seniors the care they need while also encouraging them to manage their own lives as much as possible. The residents of assisted living communities can often make their own decisions and schedules, but they still receive the care they need to be healthy and safe.

Other Senior Care Facilities

Other options include nursing homes and memory care centers. Nursing homes are for seniors with high-level needs who typically can’t manage much of their own lives. Memory care centers help seniors who have poor memories, and some are specifically Alzheimer’s and dementia care homes.

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