How to Determine If Your Aging Parent Needs Assisted Living Care?

It is always better to move your aging parent to an assisted living facility when they need some extra care. But how will you come to know that it’s the right time to move a senior loved one to an assisted living facility?

Here are some clear signs indicating your aging parent needs assisted living care:

1. Recurring injuries: Falls are the major cause of injuries in seniors. If your aging loved one suffers falls frequently, it’s time they should move to an assisted living facility where they will receive the right level of care.

2. Changes in appearance: It’s a matter of immense concern if you see a sudden change in the appearance of your senior loved one. Certain changes such as sudden weight gain, weight loss, hair removal, etc. indicate that they need more care.

3. Memory loss: If seniors start forgetting certain things like taking their medication on time or forgetting the names of family members, then assisted living may be beneficial.

4. Social disengagement: Seniors usually cut off their social relationships as they grow older due to decline in health. This results in loneliness, depression and many more health conditions. In this case, it is a good idea to move to assisted living where they will get to meet new people and build social relationships.

5. Difficulty in completing basic daily living tasks: Seniors often find it difficult to perform household tasks such as preparing meals, washing clothes, cleaning the house, etc. This becomes even more difficult for seniors who live alone. If their family members live somewhere else and can’t help with the daily living tasks, it is best for the senior to consider the option of assisted living.

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