How Safe Is Non-Medical Home Care in the Age of COVID?

How Safe Is Non-Medical Home Care in the Age of COVID-19?

Is it still safe to go to a bar patio? Is it safe to go shopping? How about a birthday party in a back yard? These are questions we all must ask ourselves in the Age of COVID. But for seniors, there are even more important questions, such as: is non-medical home care still safe?

As Much As Non-Medical Home Care Has Helped Ohioan Seniors, Covid-19 Has Hurt Them.

At the time of writing, the State of Ohio has had 115,651 confirmed cases of COVID-19. That’s989 cases per every 100,000 Ohioans. There have been nearly 4,000 confirmed deaths due to the Coronavirus in Ohio. As in every state and country, a disproportionately high number of those deaths have been seniors.

Given these figures, how do seniors in Central Ohio assess the risk that non-medical home care might pose? Non-medical home care involves caregivers visiting clients in their homes. Caregivers might help seniors with toileting and grooming (personal care), with chores and errands (homemaker services), or with mental and emotional health issues (companion care).

Non-medical Home Care Is Important To Many Seniors In Central Ohio. But So Is Avoiding Covid-19.

Seniors in North Columbus must be careful about where they go, what they do, and who they allow to enter their homes. Non-medical home care requires a caregiver to enter your home every week or even every day. Is this an appropriate risk to take? In some cases, the answer is no. For some seniors, non-medical home makes life easier, but it’s not absolutely critical. However, for the majority of seniors who receive non-medical home care, that care is critical.

A responsible health care agency will have thorough and detailed procedures for their caregivers to minimize the risk of transmission. Some seniors have family who live near them in North Columbus. Butit’s not fair to assume these family members can follow the same protocols as assiduously, so a caregiver is the better option. Then there are seniors who are physically able to run errands and go grocery shopping. Should they? Probably not. The less time seniors spend in public, the less likely they are to contract COVID-19. Having somebody else run errands for them can decrease their chances of contracting Coronavirus.

Alternatives To Non-medical Home Care For Seniors In North Columbus

There are some superb assisted living communities in Central Ohio. But the unfortunate truth is that communities like these have been hit by COVID-19 across the country. Even well-run communities face a toughbattle to contain the virus.

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