Health Safety and Winters – 5 Steps to Follow for Older Adults

Are you an older adult? Are you aware of the health risks that winters bring? In the winter season, seniors face various health risks caused by the cold temperature, changing weather, and infections. To ensure health safety, here are five steps that every senior should follow.

Step 1 – Get vaccinated – Firstly, you should get proper vaccine shots to prevent any infection this winter season. Pneumonia is one of the most dangerous infections for seniors. Thus, make sure to get vaccinated for it. Consult your doctor and get all the vaccine boosters you need. They can suggest you vaccine shots depending on your medical history and risks of infections.

Step 2 – Get proper meds and supplement – You should get proper medication for any medical condition you may have. Some diseases like arthritis may get worse in cold weather. So, you should be prepared with proper meds. In winters, many older adults suffer from vitamin D deficiency. To avoid it, make sure to get proper vitamin D supplements too. Going out and getting some sun may help too. However, avoid going out when it’s too cold outside.

Step 3 – Avoid isolation – Isolation can push older adults towards depression and anxiety. So, try to go out as much as you can, or invite friends and family to visit you. Maintain communication with loved ones to avoid isolation.

Step 4 – Eat healthy – Make sure that you eat nutritious food, as it directly affects your health. Create a healthy diet with nutritious food items while keeping any medical conditions in mind.

Step 5 – Dress warm – You should also dress warmly to fight off the winter chill. When going out, put on some extra layers, and don’t forget your hat, gloves and coat.

However, if you need help in meal management, mobility, transportation and daily living, then hire caregivers.

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