Choosing the Right Form of Senior Care in Central Ohio

Choosing the Right Form of Senior Care in Central Ohio

In-home care or a senior care community? A nursing home or an assisted living community? Personal care or companion care? Seniors in Central Ohio have all these senior care options and more. How do you choose?

In-home Senior Care Vs. Senior Care Communities

There are two main places in which seniors in Central Ohio can receive care: a senior care community or in their own private homes.

There Are Lots Of Senior Care Facilities In The North Columbus Area, But They’re All Different From One Another. Sometimes Very Different.

There are three different categories of senior care communities in Central Ohio: independent living communities, nursing homes, and senior care communities. The staff at an independent living community, also known as a retirement home, typically don’toffer any personal care. Residents of independent living communities can often take care of themselves, but they enjoy living among other seniors and at an independent living community they don’t have to worry about chores such as landscaping. Nursing homes on the opposite of the senior care spectrum. Residents of nursing homes frequently require high levels of care. Residents of nursing homes are generally limited in their capacity to look after themselves and to make important decisions regarding their care.

Assisted Living Communities Occupy A Middle Ground.

Assisted living communities provide residents all the care they need while still allowing them to run their own lives as much as possible. Assisted living communities house many different seniors who often have very different needs. A third-party health care agency can help you find the right assisted living community for you in Central Ohio. Always Best Care of North Columbus is happy to provide assisted living placements in Central Ohio.

Many Ohioans Receive Care In Senior Care Communities. But Many Other Ohioans Receive Care In Their Own Homes.

North Columbus could have the greatest collection of assisted living communities in the whole world, but still there will be seniors who don’t want to go there. Some people just want to stay living in their own North Columbus homes. And why not? It’s OK to be attached to your home. And with in-home senior care, this isn’t a problem. In-home senior care can help seniors take care of themselves (personal care), take care of their homes (home helper services), or take care of their mental health (companion care). In-home senior care is also often the more affordable option because it involves no rents or fees paid to a senior care facility.

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