Assisted Living – Three Things You Never Knew

When it comes to finding the best Assisted Living in North Columbus, many people do not know much about this senior housing option. Families do their part of the research about communities in their region. However, there are three things that not many know about Assisted Living.

You can get independent rooms – Due to its name, many believe that Assisted Living is a place where seniors have to share rooms and lose their independence. On the contrary, rest assured that you can still live independently by choosing studios, one or two bedroom apartments with kitchenettes etc. You can enjoy your independence in retirement years while benefiting from daily living assistance.

You can take your pet with you – Many elders fear that moving to a community means they will have to say goodbye to their dearest things including pets. However, it is not true. Many Assisted Living communities allow residents to keep their pets with them.

Dementia patients can choose it too – Many believe that nursing homes are the only option for dementia suffering seniors. Therefore, you will be surprised to know that many communities offer special dementia care plans for residents. It includes memory care plans and special, safer areas for elders. Even if your elderly loved one has dementia, you can still consider Assisted Living for them.

After knowing these three things along with comprehensive information about these communities, you can rest assured that Assisted Living is the right choice for your elderly family member.

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