Assisted Living Placements In 2021

Assisted Living Placements In 2021

There are multiple great assisted living communities in Central Ohio. So why do you need help finding and getting into the right community for you? And how are assisted living placements different in 2021?

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are a type of senior care facility. Nursing homes specialize in helping seniors (as well as younger people living with disabilities) who need high levels of care. Residents of nursing homes cannot be expected to live independent lives to a significant degree. Residents of retirement homes are pretty much the opposite. Retirement homes, also known as independent living communities, are places where seniors can live together and benefit from vibrant social lives as well as the alleviation of chores such as mowing lawns and vacuuming hallways, which are taken care of by the staff. Assisted living communities are a mix of these other two. The staff at these communities provide the care their residents need but still allow and encourage them to manage their own lives as much as possible.

What Is An Assisted Living Placement?

An assisted living placement is when a third-party healthcare agency—such as Always Best Care of North Columbus, for example—helps a senior and their family figure out which assisted living community is best for them and then help to get them placed and settled into that community.

Why Do You Need An Assisted Living Placement?

What’s a good price for an assisted living community? Which community in Central Ohio offers all the services you need? Which community offers the right balance of care and autonomy that you want? Is there a community close to you in North Columbus in which you would be happy, or do you have to move a little further afield in Central Ohio? Always Best Care of North Columbus can answer all these questions for you and more.

How Are Assisted Living Placements Different In 2021?

There’s a major component of assisted living that’s noteworthy in 2021 that wasn’t a factor in 2019, and you can probably guess what that is. Even well-respected, traditionally desirable assisted living communities have found themselves unable to contain the spread of COVID-19. Sometimes it’s just bad luck and sometimes it’s bad management. This is a scary prospect if you’re considering moving into an assisted living community in 2021.

Always Best Care of North Columbus can help you identify the assisted living community that has the best chance at keeping you safe from COVID-19. If you would prefer to wait until the pandemic is over before pursuing assisted living, we also offer in-home care in Central Ohio.

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