Assisted Living – How to Convince Your Senior for the Move?

Do you believe that it’s time for your aging loved one to move to Assisted Living? Is your senior not convinced? Many families experience this dilemma. Families believe that their aging loved one should move to an Assisted Living community for their care and safety. On the other hand, older adults want to continue to age in place or at least live in their home as long as possible.

This is where families find themselves stuck. How can one convince their senior to move to Assisted Living? Since this is about their safety and care, convincing them is essential. Therefore, following are the tips that can help you convince your senior.

  • They may believe that they can take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. And, if you suddenly bring up the moving, it will startle them into denial. So, start communicating with your senior early on to ease the sting of moving from their home.
  • Honest communication can ease them into the idea of moving to an Assisted Living community.
  • You can start the conversation by showing your concern for their health and safety in the old age. Instead of telling them what they have to do, give them the option and convince them with compassion.
  • Find the best Assisted Living community in your area and visit with your loved one to show them how good the move will be for them.

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