Assisted Living Communities And Other Senior Care Facilities In Central Ohio

Assisted Living Communities And Other Senior Care Facilities In Central Ohio

Senior care facilities? Assisted living communities? Nursing homes? Independent living communities? What’s the difference between all these? We’re here to help.

What Are Senior Care Facilities?

Senior care facilities, or senior living facilities, are places where seniors live in which they can receive some kind of care. “Senior care facility” is a catch-all term that can describe several different types of communities. Each one helps their residents in slightly different ways.

What Are Nursing Homes?

The term “nursing home” might have the most recognition among the general population when it comes to the different types of facilities. However, many people don’t realize that nursing homes are for a specific type of resident. Nursing homes cater to those who have high-level needs. Nursing home residents typically can’t manage their own lives to any significant degree, nor can they be expected to make important decisions regarding their care and their lives on their own.

What Are Assisted Living Communities?

Assisted living is perhaps the most useful type of care facility for the most Ohioans. Assisted living is about balancing care and independence. The staff at an assisted living community provides their residents with all the care they need while still encouraging them to manage their own lives as much as they can. Always Best Care of North Columbus offers assisted living placements. We’ll sit down with you and your family, listen to your preferences, assess your needs, and recommend one or more assisted living communities in Central Ohio that can meet your needs. After you choose your preferred community, we’ll work to get you placed and settled into that community.

What Are Retirement Homes?

Retirement homes, also called independent living communities, don’t provide care directly to their residents. The staff at a retirement home takes care of landscaping, the cleaning of communal areas, and sometimes the cleaning of private units, so seniors don’t have many chores to tend to. Here, seniors can live with each other and form strong social lives, but to receive physical care, they would have to hire a third-party healthcare agency.

What Are Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care Homes?

These facilities specialize in helping seniors with neurodegenerative diseases. People with dementia and Alzheimer’s require specialized care. In these facilities, they can receive that care.

Are These Facilities Only For Seniors?

Most residents of these communities are elderly. But many of these communities also house and care for younger people who have disabilities.

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