Assisted Living and Senior Care: The Same Thing or Different?

Assisted Living and Senior Care in North Columbus: The Same Thing or Different?

“Senior Care”. “Assisted living”. “Independent living”. “Personal care”, “companion care”, “nursing homes”, “retirement homes”, “the senior care continuum” –”Ahh! What do they all mean?” At Always Best Care of North Columbus, we’ve helped countless seniors in Central Ohio, as well as their families. And they often come to us in times of stress. Sometimes an elderly loved one needs care suddenly. They don’t know what all their options are and they’re confused by all the lingo of the senior care industry. And one of the biggest fonts of confusion is “assisted living”. This article will go over just what assisted living entails and how you can get an assisted living placement in North Columbus.

Senior Care vs. Assisted Living

Basically, all the terms you read above are part of senior care. Senior care is an umbrella term that envelopes all of these other terms. A senior care facility is a building or series of buildings where seniors live and receive care of some type or another. An assisted living community is just one type of these facilities. So assisted living is senior care, but not all senior care is assisted living.

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

If you’re interested in finding an assisted living placement North Columbus, Ohio, make sure you search for “assisted living” and not for “nursing home”. Nursing homes are not assisted living communities. “Assisted living” is not a marketing term nor a euphemism; it has its own distinct meaning. Nursing homes cater to seniors (and younger people living with disabilities) who are severely limited in their abilities to take care of themselves. They require high levels of care and generally cannot be expected to make important decisions regarding their lives or their care.

Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

If you’re looking for assisted living placement in North Columbus, OH, you also shouldn’t search for “independent living”. Independent living communities, also known as retirement homes, are for seniors who don’t need personal care but who struggle to take care of their homes, or who, for reasons of practicality or loneliness want to live in a community. Cleaning and landscaping might be handled by the staff here, but usually no health care is offered.

Assisted Living Communities Are All About Balance

The best assisted living communities in Central Ohio are the ones that focus on balance. Assisted living communities strive to provide all the care needed by their residents, but still allow them as much independence and autonomy over their own lives as possible. This means that assisted living communities appeal to a broad swath of seniors. And that means that securing an assisted living placement in North Columbus can be difficult.

Assisted Living Placements in North Columbus, OH

Spots in assisted living communities in North Columbus aren’t always in abundance. That’s why it’s often best to work with a third party health care agency. Always Best Care of North Columbus provides assisted living placements. We sit down with our clients, assess their needs, and then recommend the assisted living community we think is best. We then work to get our clients placed in that assisted living community.

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