Assisted Living And Memory Care In Central Ohio

Assisted Living and Memory Care in Central Ohio

There are many different types of senior care communities in Central Ohio. This article explains assisted living communities and memory care homes.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are a type of senior living facility. Assisted living communities are similar to other long-term care homes, such as nursing homes, and aren’t like retirement homes. Retirement homes, also called independent living communities, are places where seniors can live in a communal environment with one another. The staff may provide maintenance, cleaning, and even meal preparation, but they don’t care directly for the residents.

Nursing homes are on the opposite end of the senior care continuum. The staff at a nursing home typically provides a lot of care to the residents. This is because nursing homes are for those who have high-level needs. Nursing home residents are often unable to manage their own lives or meaningfully participate in decisions regarding their care.

Assisted living is somewhere in the middle of the senior care continuum. Assisted living looks to balance care and the independence of the residents. The staff provides care, but still encourages the residents to manage their own lives as much as they can.

What Is Memory Care?

Whether it’s a nursing home or an assisted living community, long-term care homes sometimes specialize in helping people with specific conditions. One of the most common ailments to focus on is memory loss. Memory care homes help residents who have bad long-term or short-term memories.

Memory care homes are also sometimes called Alzheimer’s and dementia care homes. This is because the biggest cause of severe memory loss is dementia, the most common form of which is Alzheimer’s disease. Over 6.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so it’s unfortunately common.

One of the first symptoms is short-term memory loss. A memory care home can help residents and their families deal with these issues. Instituting basic routines shortly after a diagnosis can get a dementia patient used to them. This can prove vital later on as the memory loss becomes severe.

Assisted Living Placements

Always Best Care of North Columbus offers assisted living placements. This includes a free consultation where we’ll sit down with you and your family in your Central Ohio home and go over all your options. With our help, you can figure out and get placed in the best assisted living community or memory care home for you in Central Ohio.

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Always Best Care of North Columbus offers assisted living placement consultations and in-home care services in Central Ohio. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us via our website or call (614) 334-3086.

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