What Factors Elevate The Risk Of Falling For Seniors?

Seniors often suffer from trip and fall due to poor body balance. This results in fatal and non-fatal injuries. There are a number of factors that elevate the risk of falling for seniors. And, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Decline in your loved one’s health can increase the risk of falling. Aging effect senior’s joints and bones relating to slow reflexes and reduced strength. Vision impairment is another risk factor that increases the risk of falling.
  • Seniors rely on a number of medicines to stay healthy. However, some of the medicines can cause dizziness and confusion that increases the risk of falls. In this case, it is always a good idea to consult the physician to know about the side effects of different medicines.
  • Certain risk factors at home such as dim lighting, unsecured rugs, damaged treads at stairs also increase the risk of falling for seniors. So, make sure the house is safe for your senior to live in. Get a proper lighting system throughout the house, replace the old rugs with new ones, and ensure that the stairs have proper handrails.
  • Most of the seniors suffer from mobility issues, which increase the risk of falling for them.

You can arrange regular help and daily assistance for your loved one to keep them safe. However, if you can’t visit often, then consider hiring experienced caregivers. An in-home caregiver will not only ensure your loved one’s safety but also provide assistance with daily living.

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