Things to Remember When Adopting a Companion Animal for a Senior

Adopting a companion animal for your senior family member is an important decision. So, before you surprise them with a pet, make sure they want one. Another thing to consider is their mobility. Can they get out and be active? Or are they happy being limited in the activities they do? If you think they would like to have a pet, try to find out what type of animal they would like to own. Some seniors would like a dog to play with while others would want a cat that will curl up with them in bed or on the couch.

Another thing to keep in mind is the age of the animal you choose. For older people, a senior dog or cat make a much better choice. While puppies or kittens are definitely adorable and fun to be around, they tend to be high energy and a lot of work. Hence, your senior family member might do better with an older companion animal that is already housebroken and a bit calmer.

Having a companion animal is incredibly beneficial for older adults, but only if they can take care of it. An in-home caregiver can assist seniors with other tasks around the home and ensure that both they and their pet are doing well. For the best senior home care services in Grafton, contact Always Best Care at (440) 791-7177.

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