Seniors and Dental Health – Things to Know

Majority of people don’t associate dental problems with aging. Many don’t believe that aging can affect their dental health. The lack of awareness puts seniors at the risk of many dental issues. Cavities, gum diseases, sensitivity, and decay are to name a few of the dental problems that seniors face.

But, why older adults are at a higher risk? Well, take a look.

  • With aging, gums recede, which exposes areas of the tooth that are not protected by enamel. These areas are more prone to cold and hot foods or beverages, leading to sensitivity.
  • Older adults take several medications, which may cause dry mouth. But, seniors usually ignore it, which increases the risk of dental problems for them.
  • Seniors are at a higher risk of cavities and decay on root surfaces of teeth.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes and cancer are known to affect seniors’ dental health. They can lead to a variety of dental problems like gum diseases.
  • Poor oral hygiene and bad diet may also result in dental issues.

So, how seniors can protect their teeth from such problems? Here are a few tips.

  • Consult dentist to know how medication or medical conditions can affect dental health. Follow their instructions to the T to maintain good oral health.
  • Visit dentist regularly to get tests, and to detect any issue in its early stages.
  • Seniors should brush with a fluoride toothpaste and floss daily to maintain oral hygiene and to prevent cavities.
  • If experiencing dry mouth, talk to dentist about it. Get treatment or medication to resolve the issue.
  • Follow a healthy diet for good dental health.

However, older adults may struggle to maintain daily living, meals and dental health, all at the same time. Hire caregivers from Always Best Care in Grafton, to help your aging loved one with daily living, meals, medication management and more. Call today at (440) 791-7177.