Recognizing the Warning Signs of Senior Abuse

Senior Abuse is a term that refers to an intentional, knowing, or negligent act by a person which harms the mental or physical health of a vulnerable older adult. Some seniors are not able to hear or see clearly, and even develop cognitive problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. As a result, they become more vulnerable to abuse. There are various forms of senior abuse, including emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, self-neglect, exploitation, and abandonment.

The first step to prevent senior abuse is to recognize its warning signs. Cuts, bruises, and broken bones that seem out of character are some of the common symptoms of physical abuse. Seniors who have been sexually or physically abused often become more withdrawn and fearful around certain people. Exploitation could also put their financial security in jeopardy or lead to missing property. Neglect or abandonment may affect their health and well-being. Paying heed to all these symptoms can help you protect your elderly family member from further abuse.

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