Reasons Why Dementia Suffering Seniors Needs Reassurance

Seniors suffering from dementia often look for care and assistance with the daily living tasks. They may also need reassurance from family members and the caregivers for an improved quality of life. Here is how reassurance plays an important role in dementia care.

  • Eases hallucinations – Older adults suffering from dementia may experience hallucinations, which can make daily living difficult for them. For example, your aging loved one may refuse to bathe because of the fear of seeing a stranger. In this case, you can reassure your loved one that there is no one in the room and you are always there to protect them.
  • Boosts self-esteem – Your loved one may begin to feel useless because of their inability to complete the daily tasks without any assistance. You can make the task easy for them and ask for their help in its completion. This will boost your senior family member’s self-esteem and make them feel that he or she is needed.
  • Improves social connections – Loneliness and isolation is a major concern for seniors, which can affect their physical as well as mental health. Family members and caregivers can provide seniors with much-needed companionship but reassurance is also important. It will encourage your loved one suffering from dementia to continue with their social activities.

However, dementia can have a huge impact on your loved one’s independence and overall quality of life. As the disease progresses, they may find it difficult to manage the symptoms of the illness. Also, performing the daily living tasks with ease can be challenging. The expert caregivers ensure that your aging loved one receives the required care and assistance to spend their twilight years peacefully.

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