How to Prevent Senior Abuse

Senior Abuse takes different forms, including, sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Given below are some important considerations that can be useful in keeping your loved one safe from this serious problem.

  • Carefully select the care provider. If your senior needs in-home care, make sure that you choose the right care provider. Carefully research the organization & also ensure that they are licensed and provide thorough screenings on all their employees.
  • Check in regularly. Always stay in touch with your senior. When you visit, call, or chat with them online, see if there are any warning signs that indicate senior abuse. Pay attention if they share any concerns with you.
  • Ask for help if you need. Don’t feel obligated to take on the responsibility of a caregiver on your own. Doing so can exhaust you both mentally and physically. Instead, look for a reliable professional who can take care of your senior when you are not around.

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