How Can You Protect Your Senior from Abuse?

Senior abuse is a harsh reality that many face in the United States. According to reports, one in ten Americans have experienced some kind of abuse. Many seniors suffer from physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse. Unfortunately, many of such incidents are not even reported.

Families’ lack of attention is usually the aspect that puts elders at risk. Impairments and social isolations also increase this risk. Now the question is how can you protect your senior from any type of abuse? Here are some actions that you can take.

• It is advised to visit your loved one regularly whether they live independently or in a senior housing place. When you visit regularly or stay in contact, it discourages any abuser from approaching your senior, as they fear being caught.
• Make sure that your senior is in good health and shape. When your loved one is fit, active and in good health, the risk of abuse decreases for them. Impairments and bad health may give abusers a chance to abuse your elder.
• You should also ensure that your senior is not socially isolated. Make sure they stay connected with family and friends.
• In the end, keep an eye out for any kind of abuse signs such as sudden weight loss, bruising, unexplained injuries and changes in your loved one’s behavior.

If you cannot visit your senior regularly, then hire in-home caregivers, who can regularly visit your loved one, help them in daily living and ensure their good health. Always Best Care is renowned name for in home care services in Grafton.

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