Depression – The Arch Enemy of Aging Seniors

Depression is a health problem that many do not associate with the elders. Most people believe that seniors do not get depressed, as they do not have any job or family responsibilities anymore. However, it is far from the truth.

Depression can easily target seniors who are living on their own, with declining health and no one to take care of them. Moreover, if they are suffering from a medical condition, then they become even more vulnerable to depression.

Here are the details that show how depression affects elders –

• This health problem can lead to the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety in your elderly family member.

• Depression can adversely affect the health of an elder. If they are suffering from a disease like cardiac problem, then it can make it difficult for seniors to recover or get better.

• It can also affect their sleep patterns, appetite, and relationships.

• Mortality rate for elders suffering from depression is higher, compared to the seniors who are not suffering from this health issue.

What you should do in such situations?

It is vital that your elderly family member get the help they need to battle the depression. In addition, you can help them feel better and stay healthy by ensuring that they are well taken care of, even if they live alone. For this purpose, you can hire a trained caregiver.

You can take the help of senior care organizations like Always Best Care to find a trained caregiver for your senior.

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