Communication with Dementia Patient – How to do it Right?

Communicating with a dementia patient can be difficult at times due to their memory loss and struggle with words. Many family members and even caregivers struggle to communicate with the aging parent. In addition, seniors may also find it difficult to understand loved ones. In this situation, family members have to change their language and body language, so that the senior doesn’t get agitated or confused.
Here are a few tips for positive communication with dementia patients.

  • Use simple words and phrases that are easy for your aging loved one to understand. It will make communication much easier for both of you.
  • Talk to them in a soothing and respective manner to convey your message. State your message clearly.
  • Make sure to maintain eye contact with senior so that they feel comfortable and easily understand you.
  • Keep your body language comforting and kind so that your aging loved one doesn’t feel cornered. Your tone of voice, words, facial expressions and hand gestures – everything matters.
  • It is common for dementia patients to forget even the simplest things like dates, places or recent events. You should expect such incidents where they forget things, and be prepared for their confused reaction.
  • If you are explaining something to them, then make sure to break it down in steps, so that senior can grasp it fully.
  • Make sure you are in a calm, comfortable and quiet environment when talking. Radio, TV and even other people can distract dementia patients.

In the end, you will have to be really patient with your aging loved one who is battling dementia. And, remember that diseases like Alzheimer’s only get worse with time. So be prepared for that too. When caring for a dementia patient, it understandably gets difficult at times. To cope, you should hire professional help in the form of experienced caregivers.

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