Stress Relieving Activities for Seniors

Many older adults suffer from depression, stress and other mental health issues for many reasons, but some of the most common are loss of a loved one, reduced mobility and physical health problems. Because of this, they prefer to spend time alone at home, which further takes them away from the outside world.

Here are some of the fun-filled activities for seniors to help them reduce stress:

1. Get a pet – If you still are not comfortable being around a lot of people, pets can provide comfort and support to help lower levels of stress-inducing hormones. Pets have been shown to reduce blood pressure levels in their human parents and can even help lower cholesterol, fight depression and help protect against heart conditions.

2. Gardening – Another activity that gives you alone time, but keeps you active and gives you something else to think about is taking care of plants. Watching them flourish and growing is not only rewarding, but it is something that will help you prosper as well. You can even have a small indoor garden of flowering plants year-round if you live in colder areas.

3. Learn a new language – There’s no need to become bi- or tri-lingual to explore a new language. It can be exciting to just to be at a grocery store and know how to say the names of different items in Spanish, French or any other language you may feel like exploring. Know someone from another country who speaks another language? It is a lot of fun to start learning and understand a bit of what they’re saying, even going as far as answering them with a word or 2 of that language. What a pleasant surprise to them!

4. Dance – Dancing is not only fun, but also a great way for seniors to exercise. Dancing can enhance balance and overall functioning of the body, while strengthening muscles and coordination to help minimize the risk of falls, immobility and fractures.

5. Enjoy TV shows, movies, or music – Watching TV all day isn’t a healthy habit, but a movie or a couple of TV shows can be an enjoyable part of the week.

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