Non-Medical In-Home Care in Sandia Heights, NM

As the most populous city in NM, Sandia Heights, is something of a microcosm of the state as a whole. NM is a popular place for seniors to retire, both for people who have lived their whole lives in NM as well as seniors from all over the country. Being a senior might come with wisdom but it also often comes with physical limitations and seniors can struggle to take care of their homes, and even themselves. In such cases, senior care is required. But if you moved across the country to buy or rent a home in NM, would you really want to give that up right away to live in a senior care community? Probably not.

Always Best Care of Albuquerque is proud to offer our clients non-medical in-home care. What is that, you ask? Non-medical in home care is care for seniors and those living with disabilities that can be offered in the private homes of the recipients; not in care communities. The care is delivered by a caregiver (not a registered nurse or a doctor). Non-medical in-home care has transformed the lives of countless seniors, not just in Sandia Heights, but all over NM, and all over America as well.

Some seniors need a little help with their bathing, eating, and personal care; some with daily household chores and errands. Whatever your needs or the needs of your elderly loved one in NM, non-medical in-home care can help. To schedule a free in-home assessment, please contact us or call us at 505-847-8083.