Assisted Living Options In Albuquerque, NM

Assisted Living Options In Albuquerque, NM

“Where can I find assisted living near me?” It’s a common question among seniors. Luckily, if you are in or near Albuquerque, New Mexico, there are multiple assisted living options near you.

While many seniors in Albuquerque ask, “Is there assisted living near me?” often the question they should ask themselves first is if they really understand what “assisted living” means. Many don’t.

There are many great senior care facilities across New Mexico but only some of them are assisted living communities. All assisted living communities are senior care facilities but not all senior care facilities are assisted living communities. Senior care is an umbrella term and it can encompass a lot of different types of communities. For example, retirement homes, also known as independent living communities, are classified as senior care facilities. This surprises some because these facilities do not offer personal care to their residents. What they offer is a place where New Mexican seniors can live together and not have to worry about taking care of their homes.

On the other end of the senior care spectrum are nursing homes. Many family members start looking for nursing homes when they know their elderly loved ones need some care. But nursing homes are specifically for seniors who need high levels of care. The residents of nursing homes can’t take care of themselves very well and can’t make important decisions about their lives. Residents of assisted living communities are different, however.

“So what does assisted living near me look like? Who are the Albuquerque seniors for whom assisted living is intended?”

Assisted living is for seniors who need some level of care but who can still manage their own lives to a large degree. The residents of assisted living communities vary quite a bit in terms of how much care they need. If you’re an Albuquerque senior who needs some form of personal care assistance several times a day, assisted living might be right for you. If you’re an Albuquerque senior who only needs a modicum of care, assisted living might be right for you, too.

The assisted living community nearest to you might not be the ideal community for you. It can be difficult to pick the right assisted living community.

That is where Always Best Care of Albuquerque can help. We help seniors in Albuquerque find and get into the ideal assisted living community near them with our assisted living placement program. We sit down with seniors and their families in their Albuquerque homes, listen to their concerns, assess their needs, and then suggest the assisted living communities near them that can best serve them. We then can work to get them placed in a community. To learn more about assisted living in Albuquerque, please contact us.

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