Which Activities can Prevent Mental Decline in Seniors?

Mental decline is one of the biggest fears of older adults. Many fear losing their memories and cognitive abilities. Aging may slow down the brain, but mental decline is still a thing that can be prevented. Following are the activities that can help seniors prevent mental decline.

Exercise brain – Make sure to exercise your brain by participating in games, puzzles etc. These games will increase mental stimulation, and initiate thinking. It will keep the brain working for a long time and stave off mental decline. You can opt for any activity that you like, be it Sudoku, crosswords or puzzles. You can also read books to increase mental stimulation. Furthermore, you can start learning a new skill or language to increase thinking.

Increase physical activity – Older adults should increase the amount of physical activity in their daily routine to keep mental decline at bay. A link between regular exercise and cognitive decline is seen in some researches. It will also improve your physical health by keeping blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol etc., in check.

Get enough sleep – Less than necessary sleep can affect your cognitive abilities. Thus, get enough sleep to keep your brain functioning at its full capacity.

Socialize – When it comes to preventing mental decline in seniors, socialization works like a charm. Meeting people and mingling increases mental stimulation in older adults. In addition, it reduces stress, isolation and prevents depression. So, stay connected to your family, friends and loved ones.

Family members can visit seniors often to provide companionship. Hiring caregivers is another option to achieve both senior care and companionship.

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