What Puts Your Senior at The Risk of Alzheimer’s?

According to a report, one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or a form of dementia in the United State. In addition, every 66 seconds, someone develops this syndrome in the country. These facts show the risk this syndrome poses to the senior community in the USA. However, this threat can be handled with families’ attention, care and support for their elders.

First, you should know what could put your elders at the risk of Alzheimer’s. Here are the factors that can increase the risk for your loved one.

Family history – With a family history of this syndrome, your elderly loved one is likely to develop Alzheimer’s.It can be either genetic or environmental factors that affect an individual.

Lack of exercise
– Lack of exercise or physical activity may also put your elder at the risk of developing this disease. Encourage your dear one to exercise, as it will keep them physically and mentally healthy.

Insufficiency of socialization – If the senior is not socially engaged, it may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s for them. Isolation, stress and depression affect elders’ mental health adversely.

Head injuries – There seemed to be a link between head injuries and Alzheimer’s.

Aforementioned are the factors that put your loved one at the risk of this syndrome. Moreover, if your senior is already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, then opt for professional care from a noted firm in Princeton to ensure daily living assistance for them. Alzheimer’s patients require assistance in daily living, as the symptoms get worse over time.

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