Isolation – How Seniors Can Avoid It?

Is you senior suffering from stress and depression? Well, the main reason behind this is social isolation. Seniors often suffer from isolation, especially the ones who live alone. And, it is directly linked to stress, depression, and a number of health problems. So, it is very important for seniors to stay more socially engaged and connected. Here are some tips that can help your loved one avoid isolation.

  • Due to the declining health and increasing age, many seniors are unable to drive properly. So, make sure to provide a reliable transportation service, which will help them stay connected with the outside world and also gives a sense of independence.
  • You must encourage your loved one to actively participate in different social and community gatherings. This will give them an opportunity to engage and socialize with people of same age and interest.
  • If you senior is living alone, you can consider hiring an in-home caregiver. Apart from taking care of your loved one and their needs, caregivers provide the much needed companionship services to seniors, helping them feel engaged and involved. Moreover, the caregiver can accompany your senior to movies, shopping, dinners and also arrange doctor’s appointment.

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