How To Keep Your Seniors Safe From Pneumonia?

As people age, they are likely to suffer from a number of illnesses, pneumonia being the common among all. However, you need to be aware of different signs and symptoms in order to keep your loved one safe from this life-threatening illness. Below mentioned are some of the pneumonia prevention tips that you can consider following.

  • Awareness – Know about the different signs and symptoms of this illness. The most common warning signs include fever along with chill, cough, dizziness, weakness, and other such non-respiratory symptoms. If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, consult with your senior’s doctor immediately.
  • Immunization – You can greatly reduce the chances of developing pneumonia with a proper vaccine or flu shots. It is one of the simplest and the most effective ways to keep your loved one safe from pneumonia. So, make sure to get your seniors properly vaccinated.
  • Hygiene – Make sure to maintain a proper hygiene level at home, as germs related to common cold, flu, and other respiratory infections can cause pneumonia. Use hand sanitizer and ensure good oral health as dental infections can also cause pneumonia.

However, if your senior lives alone, you can consider hiring an experienced in-home caregiver. Apart from taking care of your loved one, the caregiver will ensure that your loved one is safe and protected from different illnesses including pneumonia. A care provider will also accompany your senior to doctors’ appointment and make sure they are properly vaccinated.

You can contact senior care organization like Always Best Care to hire qualified and trained in-home senior care providers in Middlesex. All their caregivers are thoroughly screened and covered by worker’s compensation.

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