How Living Alone Can Be Dangerous For Your Elder?

In the United States, approximately 12.5 million seniors live alone. Elders’ preference to live independently and refusing to move from their home is usually the reason behind living alone in the retirement years. However, it may put them at risk.

Following are the risks that elders living alone may face.

Isolation & depression – Living alone and lack of companionship can make your dear one depressed. Usually, they have nothing much to do and no one to talk to. It can make them unhappy, anxious and sad. Loneliness may even lead them to isolation, as they cut off from the rest of the world.

Mobility issues – With aging, diseases and weakness, seniors may find it difficult to move around much. Such mobility issues create problems for them, especially when they live alone and have no one to help them with mobility.

Risk of falling – Weakness, vision impairments and mobility issues can increase the risk of falling for your elderly family member. What is worse is they may not have someone to help get up or even call for medical help for injuries, as they live alone.

Lack of help in any medical emergencies – Elders usually suffer from medical conditions that can lead to emergencies. However, seniors living independently may not get medical help on time, as nobody would know about it.

As the above-mentioned factors clear it, living alone can be dangerous for your elderly family member. If they still insist upon living independently, then make sure to check up on them regularly. You can also hire senior caregivers to ensure good home care in Princeton, NJ.

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