What Are the Advantages of In-Home Care?

What Are the Advantages of In-Home Care in Morris?

For previous generations of seniors, in-home care was not widely available. Back then, if a senior required care to live healthily and safely, the assumption was usually that they would have to move into a senior care community. But many seniors would prefer to live in their own homes. Thankfully, in-home care is now available throughout most of the United States, including in Morris, New Jersey. But just what are the advantages of in-home care?

In-Home Care Gives Seniors Options

As mentioned above, many seniors really don’t want to leave their homes. If you’re a senior living in your own Morris home, you probably want to stay there. You shouldn’t have to move into a senior care facility if you don’t want to. In-home care gives seniors the option of staying in their own private home and still receiving all the care they need. And even though in-home care is more convenient for many seniors, it’s probably not more expensive.

Individual cases will vary, but by and large, in-home care is less expensive than moving into a senior care community. Care facilities can charge high rents and fees to pay for the real estate, the upkeep of the facility, and the wages of all the staff. With in-home care, you only pay for the services you receive.

In-Home Care Services are Personalized

Every in-home care service package is customized to the recipient. Clients only receive the services they need; nothing they don’t. Always Best Care of Morris divides our in-home care services into three different categories: personal care services, home helper services, and companionship services. Each of these service categories helps seniors in a different way.

Personal care is typically the most intensive version of our care services. Personal care means helping clients with the daily activities of taking care of themselves. These activities include getting out of bed, dressing, eating, toileting, and more. Home helper services focus on taking care of the homes of seniors. Services of this type include meal preparation, picking up dry cleaning, pet care, and tasks of this nature. Companionship services prioritize the mental and emotional health of seniors. Many seniors are physically healthy but live in isolation, and this puts them at heightened risk of loneliness and depression. Companionship services keep seniors connected to the outside world.

In-Home Care Helps Families Stay Strong

By arranging in-home care, you can free up a lot of time both for the seniors who receive the care and for their families who might otherwise be trying to provide all the care themselves. When families try to go it alone, you often get scenarios in which all the time the adult children spend with their elderly parents is taken up doing chores. But with in-home care, families get to spend quality time together.

In-Home Care can Benefit Younger People, Too

Most people who receive in-home care are seniors, that’s why we tend to focus on this age group. But it’s worth noting that not all recipients of in-home care are seniors. There are many younger people who live with disabilities in Morris who could also benefit from in-home care.

Always Best Care of Morris

If you think you or a loved one could benefit from in-home care in or near Morris, please contact Always Best Care of Morris for a free in-home consultation.