Ways Seniors Can Fight Off Winter Allergies

As trees and flowers begin to bloom and the winters officially come to an end, challenges arise for those who catch allergies at this time of the year. Fighting off sneezing, sniffles, and watery eyes can sometimes become a serious challenge, especially for seniors dealing with chronic pains and arthritis.

Let’s look at some tips that can help seniors deal with winter allergies –

  • Maintain Bedroom Hygiene – Bedroom is the number one hiding spot for dust mites. So, if you feel that your senior loved one wakes up stuffy, their bedding might be the problem.  So,it is important that you change their bed sheet and pillow covers every week.
  • Maintain The Right Moisture Balance – Breathing dry indoor air can make allergies worse. It dries out your nasal passages, irritating and inflaming them so much so that that even the slightest whiff of an allergen sends you reeling.

        Solution: Buy a humidifier to maintain the right moisture levels in the air.

  • Use A Saline Spray –A saline spray can help cleanse the nose and get rid of the thick mucus and debris caused due to the winter weather.
  • Encourage Your Loved One To Stay Active – Manyseniors feel lonely or inactive during this time of the year. If such is the case with your loved one, look for a program specially designed for keeping seniors fit during the winter season. You can also encourage them to try some indoor exercises.
  • Keep An Eye On Their Nutrition –A balanced diet is important during winters when we all are less active and at a greater risk of catching colds.

        Solution: Make sure that your elderly loved one is getting a balanced diet that includes all essential vitamins and minerals to avoid problems like coughing and sneezing.

Seniors need constant care and support of their family members to ensure a happy, healthy life. However, family members are sometimes not able to care for their elderly loved one the way they should due to other personal and professional responsibilities. In this case, one should look for a reliable caregiver who can take care of the senior in their absence.

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