Treatable Conditions that are Mistaken for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s affects millions of people in America. It’s fast becoming a worrying factor for seniors, as most fear losing their memories and cognitive abilities. However, the lack of knowledge and awareness about this medical condition leads to confusion. It’s quite easy to think that even the slightest forgetfulness in old age is Alzheimer’s.

In addition, this progressive disease has similar symptoms with several other diseases, which is the reason why many conditions are mistaken for Alzheimer’s. However, many of these conditions are treatable, unlike this progressive disease. Here is a list of treatable conditions that are mistaken for Alzheimer’s.

Depression – Many seniors suffer from depression, which can result in cognitive impairment and memory loss. Since dementia and depression are sort of interrelated (individuals with one are at a higher risk of other), many confuse depression’s symptoms to be Alzheimer’s.

NPH – In this condition, patient experiences a gradual buildup of spinal fluid in the brain. It can lead to problems with thinking, memory, headaches, double vision, poor balance, personality changes, and mental impairment. With such symptoms, it’s quite easy to mistake it for Alzheimer’s. However, NPH or Hydrocephalus is a treatable condition.

Medication side effects – Older adults may rely on various medications for good health. But, their body eliminates medication less efficiently due to aging. As a result, medication can cause side effects like memory glitches, which people may think is Alzheimer’s.

Fortunately, all these conditions are treatable or reversible. Older adults just need proper medical help, support and regular care to overcome such problems. In case, family members can’t take up the care giving responsibilities, hiring professionals is the ideal option.

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