Signs of Senior Abuse That You Should Know About

Senior abuse is an issue that is rising quickly but it is usually overlooked. Many people do not understand that with the increasing age and decreasing mobility, it becomes easier for others to take advantage of elders. Therefore, it is essential for families to make sure that their senior(s) are not becoming a victim of abuse.

Below mentioned are the signs that will help you identify abuse of seniors and ensure their safety.

Physical signs – There are certain types of signs that will indicate abuse on senior. It includes bruises, cuts, broken bones, burns, etc. that have no explanation or seem out of character.

Emotional aspects – If you notice that your elderly family member is acting fearful or withdrawn around a certain individual, it may be a sign of abuse. Depression and unhappiness are some other signs that you should look for.

Signs of neglect – Neglect is when the person responsible for taking care of elder fails to care for their health, food, medication, protection, etc. It can lead to severe consequences related to senior’s physical & mental health. You can identify neglect with signs like elder’s depression, unusual weight loss, poor hygiene, etc.

Financial signs – If you notice sudden changes in the financial situation of your senior, it may be an indication of abuse. Look for missing property or money to make sure.

Abuse not only puts your senior’s security at risk, but may also lead to emotional stress and long term psychological results.

If you notice any kind of abuse, report it to make sure it stops immediately. Moreover, opt for a respected and reliable senior care organization such as Always Best Care.

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