Improving Lives with Non-Medical Home Care

Improving Lives with Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care has been improving the lives of seniors and those living with disabilities for years. This is true for seniors all over America, the State of New Jersey, and in Morris County. While senior care facilities have been around for a long time, many of them have improved from what they were twenty or so years ago. But it’s probably fair to say that the improvement in senior care facilities has not been as marked as the improvement in non-medical home care. Twenty years ago, non-medical home care was either not available or not practical for many seniors. But this is no longer the case.

Non-Medical Home Care in Morris County, New Jersey

Non-medical home care is defined by two aspects.

One: it is not provided by doctors or registered nurses

Two: it is conducted in the home of the client

Non-medical home care is administered by caregivers (or care workers, care providers, etc.). They might work in senior care facilities, or, in this case, in the homes of their clients. They are the ones who provide non-medical home care. They are trained and often very experienced at their jobs. They should always be licensed, bonded and have gone through a criminal background check and fingerprinting.

Non-Medical Home Care Can Relieve Stress and Make Life Easier in Morris County

Non-medical home care can be a life saver for people living with serious conditions. But non-medical home care is not just for the very ill or infirm. Non-medical home care can also be hugely beneficial for seniors whose needs are not as drastic. What’s more, Non-medical home care can improve the lives of entire families by the easing the number of responsibilities people have and thus lowering everybody’s stress level.

Non-Medical Covers a Variety of Services

Non-medical home care can come in different forms. At Always Best Care of Morris, our non-medical home care services can be divided into three categories: companionship services, home helper services, and personal care services. To learn more about these different types of non-medical home care services, please click here.

Non-Medical Home Care Allows You to Remain in Your Own Morris County Home

Senior care facilities are the preferred venue of care for many seniors. However, If you don’t want to leave your home, why should you? By allowing seniors to stay in their homes, non-medical home care removes what is frequently one of the biggest barriers to seniors accepting care. Getting some seniors to accept care and assistance is difficult enough. If seniors know they don’t have to leave their homes to receive care, they are much more accepting of that care.

Non-Medical Home Care is often More Affordable Than a Senior Care Facility

Recipients of non-medical home care need only to pay for the care that they receive, not for the overhead of an entire facility and the accompanying rent. Therefore, for seniors who already own their homes, who are paying a rent that is reasonable given their means, or who are living with family, non-medical home care is almost invariably cheaper than moving into a senior care facility would be.

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