How Can You Help Your Arthritis Suffering Senior in Winters?

In Morris, winters can be really tough with temperature drop, cold winds and storms. In such colder weather, seniors with arthritis suffer the most. The pains, stiffness and swelling get worse with the fall in mercury. The relation between winters and arthritis is linked to barometric pressure and various other factors, but nothing is proven yet. The only thing certain is that this condition gets worse in winters.

Now the question is, how can you make your arthritis suffering senior’s life easier in winters? Here are a few tips.

Exercising – Encourage your elder to continue exercising in the winters. It may be difficult for them to go out and exercise outside in the colder weather. In this situation, encourage indoor exercise for them. You can also make arrangements for their favorite activities like gardening, dancing etc., to ensure continuous physical activity this winter season.

Stay warm – Make sure that your senior is staying warm in the upcoming season with appropriate wear and layers. Keep hands, feet and joints warm with extra layers.

Vitamin D – Make certain that your elder gets an adequate supply of vitamin D. However, it may be difficult for your elderly loved one to go out in cold winds to get some sunshine. In this situation, talk to their doctor about it and get proper supplements.

Good care – In winters, elders get more vulnerable, especially with arthritis. Make sure they receive proper home care and assistance in daily living in Morris. For this purpose, you can hire professional and trained caregivers for them from a reputed firm in the area.

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