Homecare Agencies Help Preventing Senior Abuse

Every year, thousands of Americans over the age of 65 have been subject to some form of abuse or neglect. Seniors can become victims of abuse for a wide variety of reasons. Your loved one could be physically, emotionally, or sexually abused which can take the form of exploitation, such as fraud or theft, or may have been neglected or abandoned by care takers or medical professionals.

Signs of Senior Abuse

• Physical: broken bones, unexplained injuries, drug overdoses and signs of restraint.
• Neglect: dehydration, unusual weight loss, malnutrition, being unbathed or dirty, bed sores, unsuitable clothing, and unsafe living conditions.
• Emotional: behavior that depicts dementia such as rocking or mumbling as well as being unwilling to discuss how they’re feeling and being treated.
• Sexual: bruises and torn or bloody clothing.

Hire a Reputable Homecare Service

Hiring a trusted and reputed homecare service is the best way to prevent senior abuse. Always Best Care has a team of professional caregivers with extensive training who can help protect the physical, emotional and mental well-being of your elderly loved ones. We provide senior care in Morris County, Essex and Warren Counties. Our Care Coordinators have worked with thousands of seniors across the country. Contact us today at (855) 470-2273.