2016 Always Best Care National Food Drive

What image comes to your mind, when you think of holidays? Probably bright lights, warm cheer, chaotic & affectionate family gatherings, the eagerness of opening gifts, and the cherry on the top — an overabundance of great food. But, do you know how many people struggle to put a decent meal on the table in your neighborhood? Holidays are just another season for them that will come and go without any hope.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, 42.2 million people lived in food-insecure households in 2015. Many are forced to go without the basic necessities like healthy food due to the booming economy, which is followed by skyrocketing rents and other hardships.  The need for community food programs is increasing rapidly among the working poor — those, who have jobs and work hard, but who still don’t earn enough to feed their families.

The issues driving hunger are complicated, but helping us feed our neighbors in need is simple.  Our vision as an organization is to be a leader in compassionate senior care, yet we want to take this one-step further. We want to be a community resource that looks out for those in need in the local community.  So for the first time, Always Best Care is collaborating with YouGiveGoods to fight hunger over the holiday season. Help your neighbors in need. Donate to a local charity!

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