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Paulette Chatman
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Always Best Care combines national strength and standards with local accessibility and personal service. The local owner of Always Best Care in Morris and Essex Counties is Paulette Chatman. Paulette and her team have your loved ones best interests at heart, and will ensure that exceptional service and care is provided to all family members. We have strong relationships with area hospitals, social workers, senior communities and senior resources throughout the area. Caregivers at Always Best Care in Morris and Essex Counties are thoroughly screened, bonded and insured to provide the safest and highest level of care. There's no charge for a free Care Consultation or for assisted living referral services. We're here to serve your needs, and we can help. No hourly minimums, either! We're expert in senior care - contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have.


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Senior Care in Morris

  • Employees are our own - no contractors
  • Caregivers are thoroughly screened, trained and insured
  • Free assessments and community referral services
  • No hourly minimums or contracts
  • Philips Lifeline service available
  • "Always in Touch" daily contact available
Always Best Care helps seniors and their families through the entire process. Our Care Coordinators are local and have in-depth knowledge of the services provided by our assisted living partners. Contact your local Always Best Care representative today for your free no-obligation consultation.

Are your staff that deliver senior care in Morris NJ insured and bonded?

Yes. You need to be able to trust the person or people responsible for providing your loved home with home care in Morris, so we guarantee that every single member of our staff has been fully insured, bonded, and even has Worker's Compensation in place. This way, if the worst was to happen, your loved one is completely protected against any theft, damages, or injuries that occur in their home.

How are your staff that provide home care in Morris NJ vetted?

Our recruitment team is responsible for vetting every applicant that applies for a caregiving position with Always Best Care. Their aim is to ensure that the person responsible for providing your loved one's senior care in Morris is someone you can trust to carry out their duties with the utmost integrity. To give you an idea of just how detailed our vetting process is, we've created a list of just some of the steps our vetting team goes through before offering an applicant a position with the company:

  • An analysis of an applicant's social media channels
  • A criminal record check
  • A random drug screening
  • A two-stage interview
  • Speaking directly to a minimum of three references

What hours do your staff provide elderly care in Morris NJ?

We're open every minute of every day, as home care in Morris isn't a nine to five job. This way, if your loved one needs help in the middle of the night, we'll be there to assist them every step of the way.

Will my loved one have the same caregiver to provide them senior care in Morris NJ on every visit?

Yes. To be able to provide the best home care in Morris, you have to be able to get to know the person you're looking after. That way, you can tailor your care to suit them and try to have a bit of fun with them at the same time. That's why with Always Best Care, your loved one will always receive the same caregiver on every visit. Of course, there will be the odd occasion every now and then when the person responsible for your loved one's care goes on vacation or falls victim to a winter bug, in which case we'll quickly arrange for a substitute caregiver to step into their place.

How will my loved one be matched with their caregiver that's responsible for providing their elderly care in Morris NJ?

We take into consideration a whole host of factors when deciding which caregiver to choose for your loved one. They include:

  • Physical requirements - does the senior need any help getting out of bed or up from a seating position?
  • Location - does the senior live within 45 minutes commute of the caregiver?
  • Personality - does the senior have any hobbies, interests, or dislikes that are similar to the caregiver?
Once we have established all of these factors, we can go about matching your senior to the best person to provide them with senior care in Morris.

How are your caregivers trained to provide senior care in Morris NJ?

Every caregiver has to successfully pass a week's training course with Always Best Care before they are allowed to provide treatment for seniors in elderly care in Morris. Over the course of the week, they will learn:

  • How to communicate clearly and patiently with seniors.
  • How to spot signs of physical and mental illness.
  • How to carry out a risk assessment on a senior's home.
Even once they're in the role, a caregiver will undergo yearly top-up training to ensure they're up to date with the latest equipment and legislation that is being brought into the industry.

Why should I choose your home care in Morris NJ instead of an independent provider?

While people are understandably attracted to the lower costs of independent providers, there are three factors that we would argue are even more important when it comes to choosing your loved one's in-home care in Morris.

1) Trust. All of our caregivers a vetted, bonded, insured, trained, and monitored, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your loved one is always protected against any sort of theft or damage in their own home.

2) Practicality As we offer around the clock assistance with no need to book a minimum number of hours of care per week (more on that later), you're free to pick and choose a caregiver to fit around your own lifestyle.

3) Reliability If your loved one's caregiver becomes ill, decides to go on vacation, or suffers a bereavement, they're well within their rights to take a significant amount of time off of work. Thankfully, at Always Best Care, we can quickly arrange a replacement caregiver to take their place for any length of time.

How quickly can my loved one expect to begin receiving elderly care in Morris NJ?

In scenarios where a senior requires in-home care in Morris because of a recent injury or illness, we can have every element of their care set up in 168 hours or less. This takes into consideration the time taken to carry out a full risk assessment of a senior's home, choosing the appropriate caregiver for the role, and creating a fully-fledged care plan for the foreseeable future.

What role do family members play in their loved one's elderly care in Morris NJ once a caregiver has been hired?

One of the reasons we offer 24-hour care is to put the power back into a family's hands. With Always Best Care, you can literally pick and choose the time and dates that you need us most, rather than having to commit to a certain number of hours of care. During times when we do become responsible for your loved one's in-home care in Morris, we can assure you that we'll treat them with the utmost respect and dignity, and we will always keep you updated with their condition.

How do I know if Always Best Care is the right choice for senior care in Morris NJ?

Reading our website is a great way for you to get a good understanding about our services here at Always Best Care, but if you really want to know every last detail, then coming in for a quick chat is your best option. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about our home care in Morris, and we'll even create a fully-fledged care plan that details all of the costs that would be involved at the same time. All of this should help to give you a clear idea as to whether or not we're the best choice for your loved one moving forward.

What steps are taken to ensure that my loved one's in-home care in Morris NJ is safe?

One of our experienced caregivers will carry out a full risk assessment of your loved one's home before our elderly care in Morris begins. They will be looking out for small things, such as poor lighting or cluttered hallways, which can make a big difference to your loved one's safety. Once your loved one's care begins, their mobility will be continually monitored, with caregivers often recommending equipment that can help make a senior's life safer.

Do I need to sign a contract or agree to an hourly minimum for my loved one to be applicable for your home care in Morris NJ?

No contracts. No minimum number of hours. No worries. At Always Best Care, we let you pick and choose the time and place that you need us. Our home care in Morris is designed to fit around your lifestyle and your loved one's needs.

Do you provide in-home care in Morris NJ for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia?

Yes. As seniors with dementia often struggle with adapting to new surroundings, home care in Morris is often the best option for many families who need support with looking after their loved ones. We have a team of specially trained dementia caregivers who are well aware of how to respond to certain behavioral traits of the condition to bring maximum comfort.

If I choose your in-home care in Morris NJ, what type of services can my loved one expect on a day-to-day basis?

Caregiving is an ever changing job, with a senior's needs often varying depending on their mood and physical wellbeing. Our staff at Always Best Care have to always be on alert so that they can deliver the best senior care in Morris. To give you some idea as to what your loved one could expect help with, we've put together a day in the life of a caregiver, below:

  • Bathroom assistance
  • Helping a senior wash
  • Helping a senior get dressed
  • Making breakfast
  • Cleaning
  • Providing transport
  • Mobility assistance
  • Laundry
  • Making Lunch
  • Pet care
  • Gardening
  • Companionship
  • Cooking dinner
  • Helping a senior get ready for bed

Do you provide respite in-home care in Morris NJ?

Yes. Some families choose to take on the full-time responsibility of looking after their loved one, which can make things difficult when they wish to take a vacation or have other responsibilities they have to tend to. Thankfully, Always Best Care provides a respite service, where one or more of our loving caregivers will take on the responsibility of providing your loved one with home care in Morris in your absence. All of our caregivers are fully vetted and insured, so you can relax on your break knowing that your loved one is going to be well looked after.

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We know that exceptional service sets us apart from all other home care companies. All of our team members and caregivers receive comprehensive training before being assigned to a care plan. Our standard is that "we only hire care providers we would have care for our own loved ones." Always Best Care provides in-home care services from as little as one hour per day up to 24-hour care, and up to 7 days a week. Whatever your care needs are, Always Best Care is there for you.

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