What makes ‘Aging in Place’ the best choice for seniors?

We always want the best for our aging parents or grandparents, but often fail to comprehend what that entails. We might choose to hire an in-home caregiver so they can stay at home, or move them to Assisted Living depending on what we feel is best for them. The former option, called ‘Aging in Place’ is usually the most preferred choice among seniors. According to various surveys, majority of seniors have always expressed their desire to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. There are in fact many benefits of aging in place and some of them are listed below.

Independence – Being able to be at home means that the seniors will have the opportunity to stay more independent. For example, they can continue doing many things that they have always enjoyed. This may not be possible if they move to Assisted living.

Familiar setting and routine – For most seniors, the emotional connect that they have with their home is way more important than its monetary value. While some older adults easily adapt to the new environment at an Assisted Living facility, many never really feel at home in that set-up. Aging in place, meanwhile, keeps them in a familiar space and routine.

Cost-Savings – Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are often too expensive for older adults and their families. The costs can quickly rise when seniors need specialized care. Aging in place too comes with a price tag as seniors may need to modify their homes for improved safety, but the overall cost of Assisted Living still remains higher than living in one’s own home.

Family – Aging in place gives seniors the added benefit of staying close to their family. Being surrounded by those who love them improves their mood, health, and overall quality of life.

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