Take the Right Steps to Prevent Senior Falls

Aging often brings a lot of changes in the person’s life. Senses like sight, hearing, coordination and reflexes aren’t what they once were. Balance can be also affected by heart disease and diabetes. All these things can make seniors fall easily.

Here are a few tips which can help prevent falls in seniors:

  • Consult your doctor about a special test called a bone mineral density test, which tells how strong your bones are. If needed, your doctor may prescribe medications that will help make your bones stronger and harder to break.
  • Exercise regularly as it helps keep your muscles strong. Along with that, it improves flexibility in your joints, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Find out about the possible side effects of medicines you take. Some medicines might affect your coordination or balance.
  • Avoid alcohol as it can affect your balance and reflexes.
  • Always stand up slowly after resting, lying down, or eating. Moving too quickly can cause your blood pressure to drop, which can make you feel dizzy.
  • Use a walking stick to feel steadier when you walk.
  • Wear rubber-soled, low-heeled shoes or one with a good grip that fully support your feet. Wearing only socks or shoes with slippery soles on stairs or wet floors can be unsafe.

Take care of your overall health and well-being, and there will be lower chances of falls.

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